split w/ A​!​SEXUELL

by Arnø X Duebel

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released December 11, 2014

recorded, mixed and mastered by Robi in our rehersal room




Arnø X Duebel Plauen, Germany

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Track Name: punk is dead
you're so damn not punk
fuck empty phrases

this world still spinning
without you

stay at home you fools
thats not your revolution

punk is dead your're fucking next

far I can see
count out on me
Track Name: jesus always said: "let's have a beer!"
Face down
cut your veins

pray salvatin
act of faith
we should be happy to be the next

i wont take this

worthless signs
cheap individuals
empty phrases
talk like obsessed

fuck your acts of godshit
you are astray
whole fucking lifetime
Track Name: disconnect
can not stand
pressure liars scars
draw may soul nothing left to say
can not stand it all

nothing left until we're crying

you taught me feel like shit
that's the point take the last step
everyday doing nothing like stress
not strong enough

better times quit waiting
nothing ther
enough alone
move forward
change something
expect to rest
get out of my head

fuck life!
Track Name: Ich wär so gerne Oi!
stolen mind
or never had
no reason
for reflection

every time I don't pay attention
to my tongue or to my mind
I want to slap me by myself
don't want to be a part of you
this life would be much easier
oppression in all of my word
of course it's ironically

I want to be as silly as you!

D.I.Y. Statt ficken Oi!
Track Name: war on everything
dulled to trust
everything you've got
forbidden pride I see
to choke anybody else
no sense to me

fuck your pride
means not the fuck to me
blame myselfe
war on everything
until there's
nothing more to waste
can't let it be
maybe so I want

tear down that shit
so I try

ain't pushing this

falling civilisations
death to reactions

aim shoot last score

cursed with empty faces on empty streets
I am on a point

burned out
shuttered to seek sunlight

burn my sign in skin tight dresses
Track Name: get destroyed
several depression
drop some stones
broken glass
like broken homes

meanings, senses, missed
bent on revenge
see ligh
I'm slipping
I'm down
I'm out

batter my head
so I hope you are proud

wishing and waiting
no longer I take care of