split w/ DISPARO

by Arnø X Duebel

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split 7 " with DISPARO (AU) Tapes and Vinyl out soon via Knochentapes.


released May 27, 2017




Arnø X Duebel Plauen, Germany

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Track Name: shit talk
get of my back you´re a twit talking shit fuck it up so guess what
to abolish the oppression
and you get busted
lessons learned and the shit goes on
i chew you up and spit you out !
a compliant life full of rats
pretending my interest
life in constraints
Track Name: life comfort fools
mind your own thougts
judge your choices
blind commitment
life comfort fools
shackled by cheap masquerades
rip it / crush it / stomp it / fuck that
it feels like my head is in a bar clamp - sniffing nails
your talking is like a feedback
endless noise
hate safes control
Track Name: nothing
outcomes of disilusions results of battered opinions
the maintenace of your fuckin values
fall back down again
too much talking nothings changing every word to this deaf ears
lost control won´t stay that ignorance you fools
should i be empty or fuckin functional
Track Name: leave
build out
of glass
breakable trough critisim
i cant feel my fucking self
leave me out of this
accept i´am insensitive
Track Name: 03741 can suck it
go for work go for school follow the hype follow fools
let me out of this
move on the sidewalk and watch on TV
safe money for hard times and obey the law
am i free
I am free
watch out and keep on rust
Track Name: tied
try to figure it out again and again
i begged and bleeded to sink with tied hands
i give up the intention to change your foolish opinions
scum means scum
what the fuck do you want
your opinions are a waste of time
why do you think that i care
your stupidity is a shame
Track Name: tellerrand
jeden morgen fahren vehikel um leere mägen zu befüllen
auf ihrem weg zum tellerrand den durst auf neues abzustillen
jeden morgen aufstehen um zu sehen, zeigerkreisend in der schlange stehen
will nicht warten, will verstehen
was hier falsch läuft
muß den wirklich alles scheiße sein